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Memorable name for podcast, talk radio, and more!
Take your impact to a higher orbit with the right domain name.

This memorable combination of two common words wold be ideal for a podcasting or talk radio application. If the topic is space related, then the connection is even stronger, but the word orbit implies upward mobility and global presence applicable to any type of audio program. Other possibilities would include online counselling, space science, effective speaking, keynotes, and many other possibilities.

Comparator Sales

Any domain name has a value equal to the worth it brings to your organization. Probably only you can assess that. That being said, one way to look at the value of a domain name is to compare it to somewhat similar domain names that have already sold. There have been at least 742 aftermarket domain name sales that include the word talk with an average price of $2029 (NameBio data), and 63 sales including the word orbit with an average price of $1343 (NameBio data). Some possible comparator sales include BitOrbit ($9000), OpenOrbit ($2388), MyOrbit ($1502), OrbitMedia ($1150), LoveOrbit ($1000), FitOrbit ($960), CloudTalk ($12,500), TalkZone ($9000),  FutureTalk ($7701), TalkWorld ($6000), GameTalk ($6300), TalkPlan ($5845), $TalkTimes ($5000) and many others. 


Domain names need to be renewed each year, or in multiple years at a time. This domain name is currently registered until Nov 12, 2020. That registration period transfers with the domain name to the new owner without added cost. The domain name is available for immediate purchase through the Epik Marketplace and use.

Once 60 days has passed it is easy to transfer any domain name to a different registrar if desired - I provide a guide here. But Epik offer legendary and friendly service, whether you have one domain or thousands with them, so why would you want to switch? By the way, if taking the long term view, you may want to consider the forever domain registration program at Epik

Purchase Options

We have a reasonable buy it now price and are also open to offers. An optional payment plan, administered by Epik, is offered if desired. You are able to use the domain name following the first payment, and ownership is transferred to you following the final payment. Epik offer a variety of payment methods as indicated at the bottom of the page.

When you purchase a domain name through this marketplace Epik act as agents, accepting your payment, transferring the domain name to you, and then remitting payment, minus commission to me. Since the domain name is registered at Epik, this is the most secure and fast method to obtain the domain name.

Other Possibilities

If this domain name does not exactly meet your needs, one of the following alternatives may be a good fit: listen.best, phrases.online, podcasto.co, podicast.co, said.best or ThePhrase.net. Browse the Epik Marketplace to find options from other domain sellers. 

You can see our full list of domain names related to podcasting at this link, or all domain names we currently have available at NamesThat.Win

Almost Final Thoughts

We look forward to seeing how you will use this memorable domain name! Don't hesitate to get in touch should you have questions or concerns. 

Get Started in Podcasting

After you secure the domain name the next step is to get your podcast produced and heard.  These links may be helpful:

Let Me Help You Tell Your Story

After you have your site up, if you would like a shout-out on social media or my personal blog, just let me know.  I like to point to developed websites built on domain names that I have handled. Just reach out to me on Twitter if you would like to take advantage of this free after-sale service. 

-Bob Hawkes


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